I went on a break from blogging. The reason:

Her name is Olive and she is 15 months old now.

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My research interests

I also completed my degree in Mining Engineering. After that I started working at Camborne School of Mines, helping develop and deliver the first ever blended learning course in mining engineering. Last year I led residential tours through Alaska and Chile for mining professionals to learn and exchange ideas about mineral exploration and engineering. We visited high-grade underground gold mines in the Arctic, and with CODELCO, the world’s biggest surface and underground copper mines in the world in South America.

In 2016 I began working for HiTech AlkCarb as project manager. The EU research project is developing new exploration tools for critical raw materials (e.g. rare earths, niobium, tantalum, phosphate, scandium etc.). Check it out here: carbonatites.eu.

These rare metals found in carbonatites and alkaline rocks are the gateway to high-technology and green energy,  but how the deposits form is still a puzzle. Twelve partners from across Europe will look to Greenland, Mongolia, Germany, Italy, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa will work together to better understand the complex geological processes, and how to better develop these resources efficiently, and responsibly.

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