Reborn Blog – Lesson Learned

Two years ago I started a blog. It was called “Along Fools Gold Road” and it was designed to be an educative distraction during a winter when there was no work. For 7 years, I worked for a small mineral exploration company located in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I made a big mistake a few months into the blog. I leaked some information about a project I had worked on in Arizona. The project was a scam, a fake geological report had been written and signed off by a professional geologist, and there was no gold deposit. I was upset for our client, I was angry against the scumbad property owners, and I was worried that this type of due diligence equating to a lot of wasted money, time, and effort was normal in the industry.

Lesson: Keep to confidentiality clauses.

Our client was threatened lawsuits in the millions, my boss’ small business was threatened, and I was threatened personally with lawsuit because of my defamation and breach of contract.

Now I’ve decided to blog again, as a young, new professional in the mining industry. Currently, I am completing a MSc in Mining Engineering at the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall, UK. I’m also taking online courses with Edumine.

I plan to use this blog for some educational distraction, as a personal diary, and hopefully there will be an occasional insight or critical viewpoint.